Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Daughter Has Big Plans for My Book

That gorgeous young lady in the photo to the left is my daughter Amber Rose. She's bubbly, funny, and sweet. I'm one lucky mom. Because Amber has major plans for my book How to Court a Duke.

On Friday night after we got home from the movies, Amber couldn't find anything on TV to watch. She wished for another book like Twilight to read. The romance between Edward and Bella really captivated her. So while I mused over which of the hundreds of romances on my keeper shelf to give her, she said, "Mom, can I read your book?"

I printed out 100 pages of How to Court a Duke, figuring she would stop reading long before she reached the last printed page. After all, she'd told me several times she didn't like historical settings. She's more of a Sophie Kinsella kind of girl. She started reading,and a bit later, she asked me to print out more. I blinked and said, "I'm out of paper."

She demanded I go get more paper.

By now, it was 10 PM, so I told her it was too late. That frustrated her. Finally, she decided to read it on the computer. Once again, I figured she'd abandon my manuscript for the lures of Facebook or texting her friends. Nope, she kept reading. At one point, she gasped. So we had a discussion about the plot point that surprised her. She kept reading and started laughing again. Naturally, I just had to know what she found so funny. At one point, she told me to be quiet because I was interrupting the love scene. I decided this was my cue to go to bed.

Late Saturday morning, she woke up and told me she'd cried while reading. So I explained about the black moment. Then she said she'd cried at the end when the hero, Tristan, proposed to Tessa. To my utter astonishment, I realized she'd read the entire book.

I confess I teared up a little bit.

Then came the Big Plan. Amber concocted the idea of writing to Oprah about my book. Amber is a bit like me. She has lots of ideas and a wild imagination. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: "Honey, Oprah doesn't buy books, and mine is in Submission Land."

Amber: "Yeah, but those editors will buy your book if you end up on Oprah."

Me: "Yes, but ..."

Amber: "I'm writing to her. I'm going to tell her all about how you're a single mom and went back to college and ..."

Me: "That's nice, dear, but remember I have a Great Agent."

Amber: "Can I play Tessa in the movie? Do I look like her?"

Me: "Sure. You could play her in this hypothetical movie."

Amber: "No, I'm serious. Does Tristan look like Rob Pattinson?"

Me: "No, he actually looks quite a bit like Henry Cavill." I find a photo of Henry online.

Amber (frowning): "No, I want Rob Pattinson. He's British, too."

Me: "Henry is British."

Amber: "No, it has to be Rob. He has blue eyes like Tristan."

Me: "Rob it is."

In the comment section, please vote: Henry or Rob ...

Hollywood, here we come. Right after a stop in Chicago.

I love you, Amber!


Edie said...

Vicky, I LOVE this blog. Your daughter sounds fabulous. And your book must be awesome, because I know that children tell the truth to their parents.

Vicki said...

This is great! And for your daughter to read it in one sitting is major. Now the rest of us are dying to read it. :)

I'm voting for Rob.

And really why not contact O, you never know what could happen, with your daughter writing her.

amberlooh1987 said...

I've given it some thought, and if you'd like we can just have Rob and Henry compete for the role. :-D I wouldn't mind that at all!! I would just like to say again how much I loved, loved, LOVED your book, and I know Oprah is going to love it too! OH and also last night I was watching this show, Chelsea Lately, and the author of He's just not that into you was talking about how he went on the Oprah show when his book came out and that's how it got so big! It's a sign!!!! So yeah I'm working on my letter to Oprah as we speak, and don't worry I'll send it to you first! I love you!
-Your original bunny
Amber Rose

P.S. Keep up the writing, I need something else to read ASAP! ;)

Karen said...

Vick...Too funny! Don't you love the "I will not fail" attitude of the young. But you know, Amber may be on to something. When she talks to Oprah, tell her to mention that you have good friends who are also writers.

Lucienne said...

Vicky, I already knew I loved your daughter (*grin*).

Michaelynn said...

I miss my cousin and my aunt!!! Amber.. write to me. I have a few things up my sleeves of to how I can make sure Oprah reads your letter. I don't know if you know, but I used to work for Fox TV in LA. I still have lots of connections... so its worth a shot. Its all about who you know..or networking. I believe that this is worth it. And Aunt Vicky.. I want to read some of your work STAT!!! love to you both, Michaelynn

Jennifer August said...

Amber - you are a doll! Good luck with your letter writing to Oprah. Who could say no to your charm and zeal?
Vicky - loved this blog! How wonderful and I teared up when you said you teared up! It's awesome to have your teen proud of you. Good luck with your book!

And I vote for Henry. Rob seems too ... young for a historical novel!

Vicky said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer. We'll keep Henry in mind - LOL!

Keri Ford said...

What a doll! Good luck with the letter and I'll know Vicky will keep up updated!