Friday, February 6, 2009

Funny Fridays

Announcing the First Weekly Funny Friday Blog. For your reading pleasure, I have TWO ticklers today.

The first funny is a photo I took in Bath - not the tub - the merry old city in England . I have developed a special fondness for this Roman hunk of burning love and hereforth present for your swooning pleasure ....

The World's First Male Underwear Model!!!!

I think Roman Dude needs a name ... Any suggestions?

Important News: see the update - Roman Dude has a name!

Roman Dude is now Times New!
Thanks to Pat Rosen!
Next on the agenda is an exciting remake of the classic George Lucas film. Many thanks to Lynette Curtis from the Yahoo Contest Alert loop for this link to an educational video. For a preview of FONT WARS! click on:

May the Fonts be with you ...




Edie said...

Roman Dude looks good, despite his unusual apparel. Anthony is always a good first name. Dinozzo??? *gg*

If you got that, you know I'm an NCIS fan.

Anonymous said...

Since you're offering up the Roman along with "Font Wars," you should call him Times New. Pat Rosen

Vicky said...

Edie, so glad you enjoyed Roman Dude.

And Pat, love it - he is hereby named Times New!

Deborah Blake said...

But can we call his "Buff" for short?